Wrapping Identities on Tria

Tria has joined the Web3 Domain Alliance (W3DA) alongside industry leaders such as Unstoppable Domains, Bonfida, Hashgraph.Name and more.

A Tria DID address is a self-sovereign, blockchain-agnostic, decentralized identity that is minted via Tria's Super Layer↗ and acts as an entry point to everybody entering Tria's ecosystem. A Threely Address is a unique identity separated by an '@' symbol. For example: parth@tria.

The power of Web3 lies in its ingrained ability to bring people and organizations together rather than setting them at odds with one another. This is a key aspect of Tria vision for the future, reflected in our efforts that focus on fostering collaboration and co-existence within multiple ecosystems in which Tria operates.

Co-existing with other DID Stacks

Tria is a portable DID solution that is composable and capable of being wrapped upon with other DID solutions by design. Tria welcomes the users of Web3 to an extendable and collaborative dimension of novel digital identities by enabling users to ‘wrap’ their non-Tria DIDs (ENS, Unstoppable Domains, Bonfida, and more) onto universal Tria names.

Wrapping works by importing existing digital identities to Tria using Tria App. After wrapping supported identities, users will choose whether they’d like to resolve the wrapped identity to its original wallet or the wallets made by Tria upon the creation of their Tria address. This is an ideal solution to promote co-existence within different DID systems spearheaded by Tria. As a composable infrastructure, Tria has the potential to explore innovative approaches to Web3 DID, including the wrapping of traditional Web2 identities such as emails, social media usernames, and phone numbers to Tria Addresses.

The following list of DID providers is anticipated to be wrappable early 2024. In line with our commitment to collaborating with industry leaders, Identity providers that are a part of the Web3 Domain Alliance (W3DA) will be arranged first as we move forward.

  • Ethereum Name Service (.eth)
  • Unstoppable Domains (.crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil, and .blockchain)
  • Bonfida (.sol)
  • Polkadot Name System (.dot)
  • Tezos Domains (.tez)
  • Hedera (.hbar)
  • Syscoin (.sys)
  • Klaytn.domains (.klay)

The Web3 Domain Alliance (W3DA)

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond wrapping other DID platforms. We are excited to share that Tria has joined the Web3 Domain Alliance (W3DA)↗ alongside industry leaders such as Unstoppable Domains, Bonfida, Hashgraph.Name and more.

The Web3 Domain Alliance is dedicated to the technological advancement of blockchain identities, as well as consumer protection, by ensuring the interoperability of blockchain domains. Threely, as a Layer 0, aligns its resources with the W3DA to promote the development of a composable blockchain naming ecosystem to break the chain barriers of DIDs and enable users to utilize Web3 Identities across all Web3 and traditional web applications without switching from platform to platform.

Interchangeable Trust Management Stacks

Besides all this, in a potential future iteration of Tria Vn release, we envision the ability for users to customize their trust management stack to supplementary, interchangeable infrastructures that provide self-sovereign trust services, such as Polygon ID↗ (Iden3 stack). Tria's team is closely monitoring this feature’s market viability potential for a release in the future. We place great value on interchangeable trust management stacks, its alignment with Web3’s ownership, composability, and privacy ethos, and are committed to continuously evaluating its potential for inclusion in Tria. We are driven by a vision of a future where Web3 brings people and organizations together for a cause. By fostering collaboration and co-existence, we believe we can create an inclusive and diverse ecosystem for all parties involved. It is this focus on collaboration and inclusivity that sets Tria apart with its positioning in the world of digital identities and blockchain infrastructure.