Introducing the Super Layer V2 with local mesh-based data transportation
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DID-powered, Layer-0 decentralized secure enclave, omni-chain communication and trusted computation framework.

Super Layer (SL) is a symphony of Web3 excellence – intersecting client-side primitives, peer-to-peer omni-chain communication, decentralized enclaves and ephemeral computation units – all purposed toward enabling a rich and wallet-less, composable Web3 UX.

Intersecting TSS/MPC and Self-custody

A novel juncture of complete self-custody and distributed key management system enabling a trust-less, yet portable and user friendly wallet-less Web3 experience.
• Trust-less
• Recovery
• Privacy-preserving
• Portable
• Composable
• Seedless
• Decentralized
• Client-side
• Self-custody
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Gmail like, DID-first, Web3 onboarding.

Explore how we built our consumer app using the SL to onboard billions to Web3 using portable names that can be used across Web3.